Virginia Family History Societies(A)

This section lists associations from Alleghany to Augusta giving details about each one and what resources and publications they offer.

County and Other Societies

Albemarle Charlottesville Historical Society

Their aims are to collect and preserve manuscripts relating to the past of Charlottesville and Albemarle Co., exhibit these materials in their museum and to encourage local history research.

The association has a Library where a number of archives are available, which include more than 4000 Books and Periodicals, Vertical Files, Manuscripts, Maps, Pamphlets and Subject Files.

Some Databases and Indexes are on the site, which include the Magazine of Albemarle Co. Index.  This states the Citation Numbers relating to:

  • Cemetery Transcripts
  • Census Returns
  • Courts and Courthouse Records
  • Genealogies
  • Military Records
  • Schools
  • Vital Records

For a full list of items included in this Index, please visit their site.  They also have a List of Names in Memorial Books.


Alleghany Highlands Genealogical Society

The aim of the association is to collect and preserve materials relating to Alleghany Co. and the surrounding areas in Virginia and West Virginia.

A number of publications are available for sale, which comprise:

  • 1900 Census Index Alleghany Co.
  • Births 1853-1859, 1860-1863, 1867-1868, 1870-1874, 1876-1878, 1887-1890, 1892-1896 and 1912-1917 for Alleghany Co.
  • Births 1912-1916 for Boiling Springs
  • Births 1912-1916 for Clifton Forge
  • Cemetery Transcripts
  • Centennial History of the area
  • Inventories and Sales
  • Marriage Records 1822-1960 for Alleghany Co.
  • Marriage Records 1906-1929 for Clifton Forge
  • Obituaries 1995-2010
  • Wills

A list of Surnames currently being researched by Members is also on the site.  They also have a Blog and a Query Page.


Amelia County Historical Society

Many publications are available for sale, which incorporate:

  • 1820 Wood Map of Amelia
  • 1920 de Kraft Map
  • Amelia Co. Historical Notes
  • Booker Map of Amelia
  • Cemetery Transcripts
  • History of the Paineville Area
  • Land Patent Maps(Amelia, Nottoway and Prince Edward Counties)
  • Namozine Church History
  • Old Homes and Buildings of Amelia Co.
  • Old Homes of Amelia with Map
  • Wills 1735-1771

Amherst County Museum and Historical Society

The association has a Library where a number of archives are available, which incorporate:

  • 1790 and 1820 Federal Census
  • AIS Census Index
  • Amherst Co. Newspapers
  • Cemetery Information
  • Church Histories
  • Court Documents
  • The David French Collection
  • Deeds and Wills Abstracts
  • Family Files
  • Genealogies
  • Maps
  • Military Rosters
  • Oral Histories
  • Population Census Information
  • Virginia Colonial Documents 1600s-1700s
  • Virginia Road Orders

The 1870 and 1880 Agricultural Census Indexes for the area are available on the site.

A number of publications are available for sale, which incorporate:

  • 1864 Confederate Engineers' Map
  • Amherst Co. Families
  • Amherst Men in Gray
  • Gravestone Inscriptions

Appomattox County Historical Society

A number of publications are available for sale, which include:

  • Appomattox Church Cemeteries
  • Appomattox History
  • Appomattox Notes
  • Appomattox Private Cemeteries
  • The Battle of Cold Harbour
  • Life During the Civil War
  • Marriages 1854-1890

Augusta County Genealogical Society

A number of publications are available for sale, which comprise:

  • African American Marriages
  • African American Voter Registrations
  • Deaths 1912-1917
  • Free Blacks and Mulattoes
  • Marriage Bonds 1785-1825
  • Marriage Records 1851-1890
  • Set Free: Augusta Co. Emancipations and Manumissions

Augusta County Historical Society

The association has an Archives where a number of resources are available, which include:

  • Diaries
  • Financial Ledgers
  • Letters
  • Manuscripts
  • Paper Ephemera
  • Photograph Collection

To view the full list of resources available in the Archives, please visit their site.