Vermont Family History Societies(H-R)

This section lists associations from Hartland to Pownal giving details about each one and what resources and publications they offer.

County and Other Societies

Hartland Historical Society

Hartland Historical Society was established in 1916 when Damon Hill was used as a meeting place for a group of local historians who drew up a constitution which stipulated that the association should be known as Hartland Historical Society.  Its objective is to collect and preserve any item relating to the history of Hartland, Vermont.

A list of Cemeteries and their Locations is accessible, along with Indexes of Gravestone Photographs and Inscriptions.  These Cemeteries include:

  • Aldrich-Kendall
  • Centre
  • Cutts-Paddleford
  • Densmore Hill
  • Frizzell
  • Gallup-Dunbar
  • Gallup-Weed Road
  • Gill
  • Hartland Village
  • Jenneville
  • Other
  • Plains
  • Quaker-Willard
  • Trask
  • Unidentified
  • Walker
  • Weed

A list of genealogies is also available, but this has been compiled from secondary sources and from internet research only.  No research of original records has been undertaken.


Jericho Historical Society

The association was established in 1972 and its aim is to preserve the history of Jericho.  Their headquarters is in the historic Chittenden Mills, which is a national historic site.

A number of Photographs from their Archives are available, along with information about The 'Old Red Mill'.


Poultney Historical Society

The association was established in 1935 and its aim is to preserve the history of the town of Poultney.

Many archives are available in their Library, which incorporate:

  • Cemetery Inscriptions
  • Cemetery Listings
  • Census Returns
  • Church Registers
  • Genealogies
  • Marriages
  • Photographs
  • Poultney History
  • The Poultney Journal 1880-1925
  • Rutland Co. Probate Extracts 1781-1814

Please note some years of the Journal are unavailable.

They also have information regarding Cemeteries, Churches and Public Buildings on their site.


Pownal Historical Society

The association was established in 1994 by people interested in Ponal history.

A number of databases are accessible, which incorporate:

  • 1773 List of Freemen of Pownal
  • 1790 Census
  • 1880-1881 Pownal Directory
  • Cemeteries
  • Churches
  • Civil War Veterans
  • Deaths 1921-1980
  • Early Pownal Families
  • Green Mountain Boys
  • Maps
  • Marriages to 1850
  • Photo Album
  • Revolutionary War
  • Scrapbooks
  • Town Officials

Details of the Genealogies available at the Solomon Wright Library is also accessible.