North Carolina Family History Societies (D-G)

This section lists county associations from Durham-Orange to Guilford providing details about each one and what resources and publications they offer.

County and Other Societies

Durham-Orange Genealogical Society

The association was formed in 1989.  It is dedicated to the preservation of Genealogy in Durham and Orange Counties. A link to a site listing Cemeteries in North Carolina is available, and this includes Durham and Orange Counties.

The association publishes a quarterly Journal called The Trading Path and a Table of Contents covering issues published from 1990-2011 is available.  It is also possible to download PDF Versions of their newsletter from 2008-2012. 

A list of surnames currently being researched by Members is also available.


Forsyth County Genealogical Society

Information about the various towns in the area is available, along with a link to a list of Cemeteries in the region.

A number of publications are available for sale, including:

  • Back Issues of their Journal
  • Cemetery Records
  • Census Returns for Davie, Forsyth and Stokes Counties
  • Death Notices from the People's Press for Salem, NC 1851-1892
  • Forsyth Co. Cohabitation and Marriage Bonds 1849-1868, Marriage Licences 1868-1889, Wills 1849-1917

Gaston Lincoln Genealogical Society

The association was organised in 1987.  It is possible to peruse an Index of Bondspersons from the book Marriage Bonds of Tryon and Lincoln Counties on the site.

A number of publications are available for sale, which include:

  • Alexander Co. Marriages
  • Back Issues of their bulletin Footprints in Time
  • Census Returns
  • Edgewood Cemetery in Lowell
  • Gaston Co. Marriages 1889-1901 and Deaths 1911-1915
  • Hollywood Cemetery in Gastonia

A Table of Contents for the Journal from 1980s-2010 is on the site.


Granville County Genealogical Society

The association was organised in 1994, and has a specific interest in the persons and activities in the area.  There is a link to a list of Cemeteries in the region on the site.


Greene County Arts and Historical Society

The association has a Research Room where a number of resources are available, which include:

  • 1923 Sanborn Fire Insurance Map for Snow Hill
  • Census Returns
  • Church Histories
  • Family Histories
  • Greene Co. Ledger
  • Maps
  • Photos
  • Real Estate Records
  • Standard Laconic Newspaper

A number of publications are available for sale, including those relating to Dobbs Co.:

  • 1780 Tax Lists
  • Bibles
  • Crown Patents 1759-1775
  • Entries and Warrants 1741-1757

Publications available for sale also incorporate:

  • Entries of Claims for Land within the Counties of Dobbs, Glasgow, Lenoir and Wayne
  • Genealogical Abstracts of Greene Co. Deeds 1776-1860
  • Greene Co. 1800, 1820-1860 Census Returns and 1816 Tax List
  • Greene Co. Cemetery Inscriptions 1750-1970
  • Greene Co. Estate Records 1839-1845
  • Lenoir Co. 1844 Tax List

Guilford County Genealogical Society

A list of Research Facilities is accessible, which include Greensboro Public Library, High Point Public Library Heritage and Research Centre, LDS Family History Centre in Greensboro and Jamestown Public Library.

A number of publications are available for sale, which include:

  • Abstracts of Marriage Bonds and Additional Data 1841-1868
  • Apprentice Bonds and Papers 1817-1870
  • Cemeteries
  • Census Returns
  • Contents of The Guilford Genealogist 1974-2000
  • Court Minutes
  • Family Burying Grounds and Abandoned Church Cemeteries
  • Guilford Co. 1908 Miller Map
  • The Wharton, Donnell, Shoffner Connection 1780-1983: Alamance and Guilford Counties