New Hampshire Family History Societies(A-H)

This section lists the state-wide associations for New Hampshire.  It then lists county associations from Exeter to Hollis giving details about each one and what resources and publications they offer.

Statewide and Regional Societies

County Societies

New Hampshire Historical Society

The association has a Library where a many resources are available.

These include:

  • Biographical Works
  • Cemetery Transcripts
  • Church Records
  • Genealogies of New England Families
  • Manuscript Collection
  • Map Collection
  • Newspapers
  • Notables Card Index
  • Periodicals regarding New England Genealogy

An on-line catalogue of the association's resources is available on the site.


New Hampshire Society of Genealogists

The association was established in 1978 and their aims are to bring together people interested in genealogy, to publish genealogical material and to promote the preservation of records.

Some databases are on the site, which include Titles of Articles that have appeared in New Hampshire Genealogical Record and an Every-Name Index to Families in 1790. 

A number of publications are available for sale, which include:

  • Families in 1790
  • Historical Memoranda concerning Persons and Places in Old Dover Volume 2
  • Journals of Enoch Hayes Place 1810-1865
  • Vital Records from Dover, First Newspaper 1790-1829
  • Vital Records from the Exeter Newsletter 1831-1865

County Societies

Exeter Historical Society

The association has a Library where a number of archives are available, which include:

  • Cemetery Records
  • Directories
  • Family Files
  • Historical Maps of Exeter
  • Newspapers
  • School Documents
  • Town Reports
  • Transcripts of the First Records of Exeter 1638-1730
  • Vital Records

Henniker Historical Society

A list of people who lived in Henniker, or their descendants, is on the site.  If you require further information regarding a name, please contact the association.  There is also an alphabetical list of people who were buried in Henniker or whose name was found engraved on a headstone.

A number of publications are available for sale, which include:

  • 1768 Map of Henniker
  • 1889 Birds Eye View Maps of Henniker
  • Historic Cemeteries of Henniker - A Detailed Record of Gravestone Inscriptions
  • History of Henniker written in 1880 by L. W. Cogswell
  • New Cemetery, Henniker; A Detailed Record of Burials and Gravestone Inscriptions 1820-2000

Hollis Historical Society

Many resources are available at Wheeler House, including:

  • 1892 Farms
  • Births and Marriages 1730-1900
  • Cemetery Inscriptions
  • Census Returns 1790-1850
  • Early Settlers of West Dunstable in Monson (a list of families included in this book is on the site)
  • Family Album 1730-1950
  • History of Hollis 1730-1879
  • History of the Women's Club 1906-1992

Resources available at Wheeler House also include:

  • Hollis Farmland 1998
  • Hollis Graves
  • Hollis News 1904-1910
  • Photo Albums by M. A. Eastman
  • Postcard Album
  • School Photograph Albums