Manitoba Family History Societies

This section lists the associations from Manitoba to Mennonite giving details about each one and what resources and publications they offer.

Manitoba Genealogical Society

The association was established in 1976 and incorporated in 1982.  Their aims are to encourage and promote genealogical research, to give assistance to people researching their family trees and to help preserve historical records and materials for future generations.  

The association has a Library where a number of resources and documents are available, which include:

  • Anglican Baptisms and Marriages Index
  • Cemetery Transcriptions
  • Census Indexes
  • Family Histories
  • Genealogical Reference Books
  • Local Histories
  • Obituaries
  • United Church Sacramental Registers Index

A number of publications are available for sale, which include:

  • Biographical Resources at the Hudson's Bay Archives
  • Carved in Stone - Burial Sites and Cemeteries
  • Cemetery Transcriptions
  • Handbook for Reading and Interpreting Old Documents
  • Newspaper Marriage and Death Notices

MGS - Beautiful Plains

The Beautiful Plains Branch has a Library where a number of resources are available, which include Community History Books and Clippings from Neepawa Newspapers from 1980.

A number of publications are available for sale, which incorporate:

  • The Beautiful Plains Story
  • Brookdale History Book
  • Neepawa Land of Plenty

MGS - Southeast and Winnipeg Branch

The Winnipeg Branch was founded in 1979, becoming known as the Southeast and Winnipeg Branch in 2005.


MGS - Southwest

A number of resources are available at Margaret E Goodman Memorial Library, which include:

  • Cemetery Transcriptions
  • Census Indexes
  • Church Histories
  • Community History Books
  • Family Histories
  • Obituaries
  • School District Histories
  • School and College Yearbooks

They also have many newspaper obituaries from:

  • Brandon Sun
  • Carberry News Express
  • Crossroads
  • Deloraine Times
  • Glenboro
  • Hamiota
  • Melita New Era
  • Minnedosa Tribune
  • Virden Advance

A list of Community Books held at the Library is also available.

Back Issues of the Society's Newsletters are available on the site.


Manitoba Mennonite Historical Society

A number of publications are available for sale, which include:

  • 1880 Village Census of the Mennonite West Reserve
  • Building Communities: The Changing Face of Mennonites
  • Church, Family and Village: Essays on Mennonite Life on the West Reserve
  • Historical Sketches of the East Reserve 1874-1910
  • History of the Chortitzer Mennonite Church 1874-1914
  • Mennonite Migration to Russia 1788-1828

Publications available for sale also incorporate:

  • Oberschulze Jakob Peters 1813-1884: Manitoba Pioneer Leader
  • Reinlander (Old Colony) Gemeinde Buch
  • Settlers of the East Reserve: Moving in, Moving out, Staying
  • Sommerfeld Gemeinde Buch: Registers of the Church at West Lynne 1881-1935
  • Voice in the Wilderness : Memoirs of Peter A Elias (1843-1925)
  • Working Papers of the East Reserve Village Histories 1874-1910

Back Issues of the association's Newsletters are available on the site.