Family History Charts

Family History Charts can help you document your genealogical research. They are a great tool whether you have already done some research or if you are just starting out and do not know what genealogy software, if any, you want to use.  

You can use these family tree forms to organise the information you will collect in the course of researching your family tree.

You should include the source of the information so you know where you obtained it for future reference.  This makes it easier to find a record again should you need to.

I have designed free family tree charts to assist you in this regard, which I hope you will find helpful. They can all be printed and will make it easy for you to transfer the details to software or other research tools at a later date. They are all available in PDF format, so you will need to download and install Adobe Reader if you have not already done so.  

Family History Charts - GRO Index Templates

These free family tree forms allow you to copy the details from the microfiche or online versions of the GRO Index.  These charts are especially helpful should you access it in a record office or library.

GRO Index Birth Registrations GRO Index Marriage Registrations GRO Index Death Registrations
Birth Registrations Marriage Registrations Death Registrations

Census Templates

These free family history charts can be used to copy details from the microfiche or online versions of the Census.  

1841 Return Template 1851 Census Template 1861 Return Template
1841 Census 1851 Census 1861 Census

1871 Return Template 1881 Census Template 1891 Return Template
1871 Census 1881 Census 1891 Census

1901 Census Template 1911 Census Template
1901 Census 1911 Census

Baptisms, Marriages and Burials Templates

These free charts can be used to copy the details from either the microfiche or online versions of parish registers. In this connection, unfortunately not all parish registers are available on-line, so you may have to visit a record office to consult them. 

These charts will make it easier to transfer information afterwards whichever way you have chosen to document your genealogical research.

Baptisms before 1813 Baptisms after 1813
Baptisms pre 1813 Baptisms after 1813

Marriages before 1754 Marriages 1754-1837 Marriages after 1837
Marriages pre 1754 Marriages 1754-1837 Marriages after 1837

Burials before 1813 Burials after 1813
Burials pre 1813 Burials after 1813

Family Group Sheets

These genealogical forms allow you to enter the basic genealogical information about your ancestor such as birth, marriage and death dates, their spouse and any children.  This makes it much easier to transfer the information to your tree.

Family Group Sheet
Family Group Sheet

It is advisable to print out a collection of these forms before you visit a record office because these types of forms are rarely, if ever, available.  They can be useful should you wish to give information to other people.

You can also decide whether you wish to use a document filing system, card index system or computer software program to transfer this information.

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