Australian Family History Societies

This section lists New South Wales associations from Blue Mountains to Central Coast giving details about each one and what resources and publications they offer.

New South Wales (B-C)

Blue Mountains Family History Society

Their site gives details of their extensive list of archives, which includes some relating to England and Wales.  They also have a list of Members Interests.


Botany Bay Family History Society

The association was founded in 1984 and has over 500 members.  Their aim is to help members with their family history research.  Their site gives details of their extensive collection of resources, some of which related to England and Wales, that are accessible at their Research Centre and library located in Caringbah. 

At the affiliate library, it is also possible to order and view LDS films which are records that have been digitised by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.


Burwood and District Family History Group

The Group was founded in 1985 to help people researching their genealogy.  Their site contains details of subjects covered by Ances-tree, the Group's journal, which is published three times a year.


Camden Area Family History Society

The association was established in 1996 and its aim is to encourage and promote the study of genealogy.  They have a library where many resources are available, which include Genealogies, Pioneer Registers and Cemetery Transcripts.

An number of publications are sold by the association, which include:

  • 1901 Census
  • Council Rates Book
  • Pioneer Register
  • Pioneers at Rest Cawdor Cemetery

Camden Historical Society

The organisation was founded in 1957.  A number of resources are available at the museum, which include:

  • Ephemera
  • Letters
  • Maps
  • Memorabilia
  • Newspaper Clippings
  • Oral Histories
  • Photographs
  • Reminiscences

Books are also available in the small reference library.

A number of publications are available for sale at the Museum, which include:

  • Headstones
  • Macarthur Heritage
  • Pioneer Register
  • Tales of Old Camden
  • The Gardener's Gamble

Cape Banks Family History Society

They have a Research Room and give a comprehensive list of holdings that are available there, which include those on microfilm, microfiche, folders and CD-Roms.  They also have a list of Members Interests and Members' Convicts 1788-1850.


Central Coast Family History Society

The association was founded in 1981.  It has a Research Centre and the site gives a comprehensive list of holdings, including the Library Catalogue and their CD collection. 

These resources include:

  • Cemetery Records
  • Electoral Rolls
  • Immigration Records
  • Newspapers
  • Parish Registers
  • Reference Books
  • Vital Records

They also have many documents relating to England and Wales.  You are also able to order FamilySearch films at the Research Centre. 

The association also has Special Interest Groups, which include a Writers Group, Irish Interests Group and an iPad Users Group.

There is also a list of Members Interests.