Guide to the 1911 Census of England and Wales

The 1911 Census of England and Wales contains much more detail than that provided on any previous return.  Columns were added to record the duration of the present marriage and the total number of children born alive to that marriage.  The figure was split between two more columns in which the number of children alive and/or dead was recorded.

Employment was recorded in a lot more detail in the 1911 Census - columns were added to state the Industry or Service with which the worker was connected and whether or not they worked at home.

It also stated whether or not they were an employer (domestic servants did not count), a worker (Working for a employer), or working on their own account. This was only if they did not work for others or worked for a trade employer.

There was also a place to state whether the person was a British Subject by parentage, Naturalised British Subject (also gives year of naturalisation) or if of foreign nationality, whether French, German, Russian etc.

Another major change was that the property address was now entered on a separate page. The head of the family was written on this sheet, along with the numbers of the Registration District, Registration Sub-District and Enumeration District.

This is the first time the original schedules were not destroyed, so you are able to see your ancestor's own handwriting.  It is also possible to read any additional comments they may have added to the record.

Some women boycotted the census because of their frustration the government had not granted the vote to women.  In some instances, women refused to complete the form and in other instances women stayed away from home on the night, so they were not able to be recorded.

Information on a 1911 Census at a glance

  • Name and Surname
  • Relationship to the Head of the Family
  • Age and whether male or female
  • Condition
  • Years of marriage
  • Total children born alive
  • Children still living
  • Children who have died
  • Personal Occupation
  • Industry or Service with which worker is connected
  • Whether employer, worker or working on own account
  • Whether working at home
  • Birthplace
  • Nationality of every person born in a foreign country
  • Infirmity

Where to find the 1911 Census

You are able to view it at the National Archives and the National Library of Wales.

You are able to search the 1911 Returns online at Find My Past, The Genealogist and Ancestry. There are many different ways to subscribe to any of the sites.

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